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What our students have to say :

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Ashna Agarwal, Chicago, USA

My experience at Junkeri, under Damini’s training, was an ocean of information and fun! She is really sweet, patient and makes sure that you understand and execute the technique correctly! Damini even incorporates games which makes the learning more enjoyable than it already is!


Sudeshna Guha, Kolkata, India

Joining Junkeri had been a delight in terms of belly dance vocabulary and diving deep into the concepts of the oriental form. I have had the opportunity to learn an avalanche of Egyptian movements and translating the same into emotions and movements in the body. And I’m super grateful for all the knowledge.

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Shwetlana Rai, Sikkim, India

In my third month of beginners batch, still cannot decide if I love belly dancing more or Damini Ma’am. It isn’t just a dance form. It changed me internally, helped me with countless things. Even through our zoom sessions I felt the energy flow with Damini Ma’am and I cannot even imagine how it would be to meet her in person. Looking forward to it.

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Rhidayana Gaitonde, Mumbai, India

I entered Damini's class with some knowledge of belly dance and realized I actually had none when I left. Learning from you has not only led me to the path of growth and exploring but also absolutely fall in love with this style. You have given my movement an expression, taught me how to dance with a heart filled with love and purity. The extremely organised and intelligent training, the authenticity of the style that is never compromised, and the heart to share your knowledge with so much honesty and love are things I would find nowhere else. You're not only shaping us into beautiful dancers, but also beautiful people. I'm grateful for all you've taught me and all I will learn from you. You make me love this journey everyday.

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Sangeeta, Mumbai, India

It has been an evolving journey with Damini teacher. A teacher who not only brings the best out of you but imparts her learning's and leads one to grace. Each level I learnt from her surprises me with what I could do and how beautifully I am being nurtured. She as a Teacher nurtures her students from within and guides you to be the best version of yourself. The structured format of the courses helps one understand the depth of belly dancing. One must consider this dance form and learn it but learn from the right source. Damini as a teacher is one of the precious jewels from Banjara and the crown of Junkeri.