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Maya is an Annual International Belly Dance Festival hosted by Junkeri. It's a grand celebration of Oriental Dance and it's community all over the world. With students joining us from across the globe to train with master teachers in diverse topics it's an environment where we deepen our understanding of Oriental Dance.


Maya 2020

We inaugurated our school Junkeri in the worldwide Bellydance community with a grand and India's first virtual Bellydance festival MAYA 2020.

With more than 100 participants and passionate Oriental dancers eager to learn and grow, 3 Internationally acclaimed Oriental Master teachers: 

Nada El Masreya (Egypt, Canada)

Mercedes Nieto (Hungary)

Tamar Bar Gil (Israel)

...and a lot of wonderful subjects of study like Folklore, Modern Oriental, Tarab and a beautiful ending Gala Hafla and students competition, Maya was a big hit in the hearts of everyone who joined us.


Maya 2021

This was our 2nd year and this time Maya was super special as we hosted the festival LIVE FROM CAIRO. This year we had-

1. Lubna Emam teaching us Baladi (first time in India virtually)

2. Shahrzad to teach us a much-needed technique class and a modern oriental combinations and inspirations class.

3. Mohammed Kazafy teach us two amazing choreography classes on the topics of Muwashahat and Saidi! 

And with that, we had a fun interview with costume designer- MAGDA MADELA on special costume tips and ideas.

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